Years ago when I was doing grunt work (delivering pizzas, etc) a resume was pointless. Employers wanted you to fill out their application, and that was that.  As the years went on I began to get work by references only;  A friend knows a guy needing help, and I would be sent their way.  I would start to work at the shop/office and everything would be fine.

At one point I made a contact that wanted me to do a whole lot of art asset production, and that’s the point where I formed a corporation.  Things progressed, and work was done.  The personal reference system continued and has snowballed ever since.  On LinkedIn I get the (more and more frequent) recruiter looking to get a call together and inevitably asks for a CV.  They are always stunned when I don’t have one.

Some time ago I was talking to a person that I regularly work with about resumes and curriculum vitae’s and professional references.  He was in the process of updating his information, and wanted some feedback about his format and content flow. I took a look, but I really didn’t have anything to say.  After all, I have never had a resume.  Again, he couldn’t believe it.

I decided to try and make one, as it’s an exercise that I have never approached. When you have worked in very unusual industries, it’s tough to put together a realistic description of the work involved without numbing the reader out.  After I felt that I had come to a reasonably approachable list of efforts and accomplishments, I decided to use it as a template for my website.  I have been using a standard arts-style portfolio mechanic since…. 2000?  2001? But my work has changed, and so the format must as well.