It’s not often I get super excited about a project.  Considering what I do there is a certain impermeance that goes along with it.  For example: I get to make a game.  Great! It’s fun to do and a very interesting exercise, but I know that in short time I will ship the title and the project wraps up.  I cannot let myself get too into it, or else I am not ready to move on to the Next Big Thing™.

This changed last week.  I flew out to Seattle for an array of meetings and idea sessions.  My cohorts and I met with some interesting people doing interesting things in game production and data management.  Seeing how their system could be integrated with the works that I have been doing over the past few years with Gift Surplus was the cause for an explosion of ideas from the group.  It was hard to digest and make sense of all the solid concepts that flooded out.

I landed back in Denver on a Thursday night and started writing.  I kept writing until very, very late Tuesday morning. I delivered about 40 pages of documents for a meeting that would take place about 5 hours later.   The docs spanned user interaction methods, platform development, player value propositions and mechanics that I had never had a reason to think about before.  It was awesome.

The meeting (which I was not present at) appeared to go over very well, with some modifications to the plans from upper management (of course!), but largely it’s a go.   The docs played it up well.  ‘It’ being a lot of stuff.  A lot of interesting stuff. I will be working with a lot of people making a lot of this interesting stuff, and it’s got my interest piqued unlike anything in a long time.

Sure, there’s some serious drudgery to plod through during the current planning phase, but I am lucky enough to be working with people who just want to make it happen.  Man I wish I could say more, but I will have to save that for another day.