Hi. I’m Jeff.

I make weird things. Weird things like slot machines, websites, photographs, illustrations, and visualizations. I assist with projects of all types; anything from e-commerce to custom gaming platform development to brand development to legal research. I have worked with people around the world and I am always looking for something new.

Shoot me an email at contact@ultradeluxxe.com

I live in Longmont, Colorado and I am always looking for fun projects.  I work remotely with 95% of my client base and I can always work around a language barrier.

  • Need someone to translate between a team of developers and managers? I do that.
  • Need someone to figure out how to securely transmit play codes from pull tabs? I can do that too.
  • Need someone to take a technical drawing and make a 3D model and animation of it? Yup, I’m your guy.
  • Need someone to mow your lawn? I know some good kids in my neighborhood who can help you with that. If you want. I guess.