So… it’s been over a year since my last post.  Wow.  Damn.  I always swore when starting my own website that it would be kept current.  That obviously hasn’t been one of my focii.  I guess the big question is: What have I been up to?

I am still working on systems design, and helping out those that I can with their websites as well. and Still are the most active, and have recently just finished  site updates for both.  I have some others as well that are due soon.  Like, Real Soon Now™.

The real work is still focused on the Gift Surplus website and backend mechanisms.  Of course, that has blown up more than regular eCommerce, as there are many, many subsystems to contend with.  I have been the principal designer, graphics and system-wise, and somehow now work with people on 4 continents and 7 timezones.  I never thought that I would ever find myself directing others and overseeing the work output in a managerial sense, but it has been surprisingly refreshing –over the past two years it has become the focus of my days.

One of the projects that has been both the most challenging and the most fun is the Gift Surplus games subsystem.  I designed, planned, directed and documented a system that integrates traditional eCommerce with our custom credit management system, and then allow interaction with online games.  The whole project has involved 5 different groups of developers and I gotta admit… we did a pretty damn good job. We have an API that can integrate a variety of platforms and have plans on expanding the scope even further.

There a lot more projects in progress now and coming up soon. Maybe i wil have time to update this site before 2017.