Since the summer I have been working far more than is healthy.  Yeah, I know, it’s a pretty tame lament for one that is self employed.

I have been doing a website about every two weeks for promotional affect –kind like business cards for the modern era.  A website is just one of those things you need to have these days, no matter what you do.  Even if it doesn’t actually say much… even if it doesn’t give concrete evidence to your abilities you gotta have something out there.  That’s OK by me.

On top of the websites I have been putting together some photos and marketing materials for some friends of mine over at  They started a certified organic distillery here in town and have just opened their tasting room to the public.  It’s good stuff.

Otherwise there’s been a lot of the same old tech support, marketing stuffs, and photography.  On an unusual note…  I actually tried to draw something (!).  I haven’t attempted a drawing in.. 10 years? 15?  Hard to tell anymore.  It’s amazing how  bad your hands can be after away from it for that long.