Website Shenanigans.

Really, I mean OMFG, WORDPRESS

This is a simplified guide as to how to use WordPress on client sites.  Please keep in mind that this is not intended to be the ‘final word’ on how things are to be managed, but it’s just one option.  WordPress is a big world.  Reseller Hosting is a big world as well.  This is not gospel.

Part 1. Resellers level accounts

This is installing WordPress onto a ‘Reseller’ grade hosting account.

  • Creating the sub account
  • Uploading to the right directory
  • Creating a database
  • Creating a database user
  • Installing WordPress

Run Time –  7:54

Part 2. Plugins, and the dangers therein

Covering plugins

  • How to choose what to use
  • The core plugins (according to me)
  • Configuring the core
  • The basics of speed

Run Time –  15:29

Part 3. Theme Strategy

Child themes

Run Time –  6:37

Part 4. Publishing and Managing

Moving to Live & Backing up

Run Time –  17:17

Part 5.  Performance Details

Quick ways to a speedy site. A lot of info is covered here with as a very, very light overview.  This kinda of stuff gets ‘out there’ pretty quick, so I tried to keep the information as simple as possible.

  • GTmetrix
  • Async Javascript
  • Autoptimize
  • Lazy Load
  • WP Disable
  • WP Fastest Cache

Run Time – 28:34