Paris, July 2023

Day 1

Travel, Alaze’s 14th birthday.

Day 2

The Eiffel tower (of course), Hotel des Invalides (Napolean’s tomb & Museum), Rodin Museum.

Day 3

Versailles. And yes, that is the actual width of the elevator in our apartment building.

Day 4

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Walking around Paris, The Eiffel tower at night. We bought food off a guy cooking it in a shopping cart, and it was absolutely awesome. Oh, and a neighboring building to our apartment caught on fire.

Day 5

Louvre Museum. Of special note is that the crowd lining up to see the Mona Lisa is more interesting than the Mona Lisa itself.

Day 6

The Catacombs, Walking around Paris, the Panthéon (home of Focault’s Pendulum).