Ok, it’s been some time since I posted to my very own blog… but, well damn.  i have been busy as hell.   So.. what have I been doing? Let’s see…

1. I created an encryption system to make ‘win codes’ portable for a gambling system.  Yeah… that’s not what I really do, but hey, thems the breaks.  I am writing up the patent information now, and hopefully will be licensing it out beyond the original contract soon.

2. I got a project through BMM.   I just got the notice a couple of days ago that a brand new gambling platform was put through the labs and made legal for sale in the US, in 90 days.  90.  That’s crazy fast. Like… ridiculous fast.

3. I have made a few websites. Mostly nothing really remarkable, but hey… the clients are happy and Google is liking them, so that’s what counts.

4. Still working (very part-time) at Havana Manor, here in Longmont, Colorado but that’s more of a “guaranteed down time” from email and conference calls.

5. Still doing some visual assets and organization for Iron Ridge Arms Company, also in Longmont.  Admittedly less than usual, but time is precious these days.

6. Random projects (like this) come up, but they only take a couple hours to complete (which is kind of hardly a distraction at all).

Overall the projects have been getting bigger and bigger, but I a part of results that are grander and grander.  But hey, being a 10 year veteran of freelancing, that’s pretty hard to argue with, isn’t it?