I just went through a bunch of details for what my schedule is like for the next couple weeks.  Dear. Lord.  It actually confirms to just me why I have started to pass up clients and to stop current engagements.

  • Wrapping up a standard Ecommerce site.
  • Corporate media site for gambling platform.
  • Continued work on a distributed sweepstakes mechanic.
  • Ramping up Development on a multimedia scratch card program.
  • Marketing assets for an Ecommerce service venture.
  • Documentation for a mobile gaming platform.
  • Project management for a custom ecommerce platform targeted at licensees.
  • Lab Prep for a custom gaming platform.
  • Development planning for the above gaming platform.
  • Brand/media blog for a local restaurant
  • Continued bookkeeping/tech support for a gun manufacturer.
  • Short shifts at a cigar shop.
  • Assisting with ‘mobilifying’ a custom CMS and advertising platform.
  • Page layout for a whitepaper series.
  • Assisting at a law office during tax season.

Those are my current projects right now.  Those do not include things I would like to do.  Am I qualified to do all of it? Nope.  Do I think I can do all of those things?  Yup.  Will all of them get done in a timely manner?  I sure hope so.

I know for a fact that i am going to be heavily discounting 2 of those items since I haven’t been able to meet deadlines.  Sure, they were warned when I was brought on, but it’s only fair.